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Our priority is being patient focused and providing affordable and quality health care in a professional and relaxed environment.


Dorovitch are one of Australia’s leading specialist medical laboratory and pathology providers providing a full range of diagnostic testing and information services.

Our medical laboratory testing services include:
– Biochemistry tests which examine the chemistry of various body systems such as the liver or kidneys
– Haematology which studies the cell lines in blood, eg red and white cells, and blood clotting
– Microbiology looks for causes of infection
– Histopathology looks at the structure of the tissues to find abnormalities such as skin cancer
– Cytology looks at individual cells in from tissues to find abnormalities e.g. PAP smears
– Immunology studies the body’s immune system eg. Allergy testing
– Toxicology performing drug screening and testing
– Genetics (Cytogenetics and Molecular genetics) for genetic abnormalities

Dorevitch Pathology performs medical tests and analysis that aid your doctor in the diagnosis or detection of diseases, and measure the progress or recovery from a disease. We have specialised expertise in diabetic testing, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse screening and molecular tests.

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